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Issue Nº 1 - Volume Nº 1 - July 2013 (link)

Issue Nº 2 - Volume Nº 1 - July 2014 (link)

Issue Nº 3 - Volume Nº 1 - July 2015 (link)

Issue Nº 4 - Volume Nº 1 - July 2016 (link)

Issue Nº 5 - Volume Nº 1 - July 2017 (link)

Issue Nº 6 - Volume Nº 1 - July 2018 (link)

Teacher´s Booklet - since 2022  (link)

Workrooms Journal is a peer-reviewed electronic journal in Open Access format that covers topics in the fields of Power Electronics, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

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The initial purpose was the dissemination of students works from the WRE and WED initiatives born in the Polytechnic Engineering School of Gijón (EPI Gijón).

Workrooms Journal is also open to disseminate other academic, professional, industry or research works.

From the issue 5, works from WNA have been proposed to be included in the journal.

  • WRE is the Workroom on Renewable Energy
  • WED is the Workroom on Electronic Drives
  • WNA is the Workroom on Nautical Applications

Workrooms Journal is a magazine with annual periodicity and allows works using English and Spanish languages. All works will have two reviewers (blind peer-reviewed).

In the year 2022 from Workrooms Journal has launched the Teacher´s Booklet  initiative and with the purpose of providing educational material to engineering students. The material produced is allowed to be in Spanish or English.

From the issue 5 is mandatory  that all authors will be identified using the author ID  provided by ORCID: (link)

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ce3i2 group (Fundacion Universidad de Oviedo).

Workrooms Journal is an initiative of the ce3i2 group (link) from the E.P.I. of Gijon  (link).


EPI Gijon-Campus de Viesques- Asturias -Spain


July 2013


Dr Manuel Rico-Secades (link)
Dr Antonio Javier Calleja Rodriguez
Dr Juan Carlos Alvarez-Alvarez


List of reviewers

Dr Antonio Javier Calleja Rodriguez (EPI-GIJON-Spain)
Dr Emilio López Corominas (EPI-GIJON-Spain)
Dr Jesús Cardesin Miranda (EPI-GIJON-Spain)
Dr Javier Ribas Bueno (EP-MIERES-Spain)
Dr Jorge Garcia Garcia (EPI-GIJON-Spain)
Dr Eduardo Álvarez Álvarez (EP-MIERES-Spain)
Dr Joaquín Fernández Francos (EP-MIERES-Spain)
Dr Antonio Campos López (SERESCO-Spain)
Dr David Gacio Vaquero (NormaGrup-Spain)
Dr Jaime Arau Roffiel (CENIDET-Mexico)
Eng. Daniel García-Llera (NormaGrup-Spain)
Eng. Nelo Huerta-Medina (EPI-GIJON-Spain)
Eng Alejandro Rico-Secades (EDP-Spain)
Dr Pablo Quintana-Barcia (EPI-GIJON-Spain)

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