Workrooms Journal Nº 4

Date: July 2016

ISSN:  2386-2483

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Cover of issue 4


Education for Renewable Energy. (link)


WRE-2016-01 (link)

eWRE project: Overview and proposed modules

Rico-Secades, Manuel; Calleja-Rodriguez, Antonio Javier; Quintana-Barcia, Pablo Jose

WRE-2016-02 (link)

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) module for a photovoltaic panel

De-La-Mata-Aller, Raul

WRE-2016-03 (link)

MPPT Control for a wind turbine based on Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)

Gonzalez-Hernando, Fernando 

WRE-2016-04 (link)

Grid Tie Inverter (GTI) with islanding detection based on phase sliding measurement for a scale size educational workbench 

Coca-Bedoya, Adrian 

WRE-2016-05 (link)

Implementation of a three-phase inverter with trapezoidal control for a BLDC motor with educational purpose 

Sanchez-Martinez, Pablo  

WRE-2016-06 (link)

Energy storage system based on a bidirectional one-leg converter for educational purpose 

Menendez-Villar, Victor   

WRE-2016-07 (link)

A Smart Waste and Recycling System powered by PV Solar Energy

Parrondo-Garcia, Sofia

WRE-2016-08 (link)

Extracting energy from the motion of a bicycle using a Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) and a current controlled Flyback converter.

Cereijido-Fernandez, Manuel

WRE-2016-10 (link)

Ecological mountain shelter powered by renewable energy.

Crespo-Rodriguez, Aser; Fernandez-Garcia, Alvaro; Roos-Hoefgeest Toribio, Mario; Roos-Hoefgeest Toribio, Sara

Publisher:  ce3i2 group (Fundacion Universidad de Oviedo)

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EPI Gijon-Campus de Viesques- Asturias -Spain


Dr Manuel Rico-Secades (link)

Dr Antonio Javier Calleja Rodriguez

Dr Juan Carlos Alvarez-Alvarez