Paper: WRE-2014-05

Using public webcam images to improve Energy Efficiency in Lighting Smart Grids

Authors: Gutierrez-Fernandez Aaron   (ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-3861-955X)

Abstract: The goal of the work is to optimize the energy efficiency of lighting systems using the information obtained from the webcam  installed in cities to traffic control and general road status information. The work is framed in the context of Lighting Smart Grids with capability to full light control (from 0 to 100%), customization of the radiation pattern to suit the needs of the environment and ability to receive orders wireless (for example using ZigBee). The intention of the project is to use and process the images public webcam, which is typically located on motorways or highways. Through these images introduce intelligent decisions to manage the street lighting infrastructure. The basic idea is to analyze the image with Matlab and try to extract information from them. Differentiate the day, night, dusk dawn, if there are vehicles on the road, for pedestrians on sidewalks, if there is an accident on the road and so on. With the information extracted from the project proposed the creation of a communication protocol with the lighting network based on XML files to be sent and managed from the central management unit lighting.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI): http://dx.doi.org/10.15592/workrooms.2014.0005

Date: July 2014

Issue: 2

Keywords: Lighting Smart Grid, LED Lighting, Artificial Vision, Intelligent Systems, XML language, Smart City

Language: Spanish

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