Paper: WED-2014-01

An electronic Pit-Box for Motostudent: Monitoring the functional parameters of a motorbike in the context of Motostudent Competition

Authors: Gonzalez-Meana, Sergio   (ORCID:

Abstract: The goal of the work is the definition and development of an electronic system that allows the monitoring of the main electrical and mechanical parameters in a 250cc motorbike designed for Motostudent Competition, that is to say: An electronic Pit-Box for Motostudent.  Looking for a smart information center of evolving technology to monitor a race and improve designs. Gathering information to assist the pilot during competition, help technicians on boxes to improve maintenance and competition pit stop and provide information for design engineers to progressively enhancing prototypes from the data obtained over the circuits during competition or training. The purpose of the work is to enable optimization in circuit tuning and development of telemetry. The objectives of the work are the data collection engine, suspension, acceleration and time by GPS, as well as the addition of a security system for the pilot to track pilots can detect nearby. The data that are to be monitored are: engine speed, the speeds of each of the wheels, adjustment and operation of the accelerator, engine temperature, oil temperature, the tire pressure on the two wheels, pressure to the brake calipers, temperature in the brake calipers, the temperature of different points in the exhaust system and the Lambda probe, load direction, linear, vertical and lateral accelerations, tracking the location of the bike on the track and connect to Google Maps, the inclination of the bike, the suspension travel, fuel level and oil level. It is also considered interesting monitoring test circuit and implement cutting fuel supply in case of fall. The interconnection of these sensors with the control unit using the CAN bus is another objective of the work.

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Date: July 2014

Issue: 2

Keywords: Motostudent Competition, Electronic Pit-Box, Bus CAN, Temperature sensor, Level Sensor, GPS, Accelerometer, Pressure sensor, Speed sensor.

Language: Spanish

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