Workrooms Journal Nº 2

Date: July 2014

ISSN:  2386-2483

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WRE-2014-01 (link)

Educational Lighting Smart Grid: Modular and Standard Twilight Lighting System based on LED’s

Quintero-Navarro, Jorge Arturo; Vega-Ayala, Hugo Eduardo.

WRE-2014-02 (link)

Educational Lighting Smart Grid: Quasi-MPPT Solar Module using a Buck-Boost Converter

Gonzalez-Montoya, Marco Tulio; Chavez-Cerna, Cesar Alejandro 

WRE-2014-03 (link)

Designing Dual-Active Bridge (DAB) Converter for Energy Storage/Recovery Systems in a Lighting Smart Grid context

Rico-Secades, Manuel; Garcia-Llera, Daniel, Lopez-Corominas Emilio; Calleja-Rodriguez, Antonio Javier 

WRE-2014-04 (link)

Using Renewable Energy to provide Domestic Hot Water (DHW), Heating and Electric Power in an Isolated House

Garcia-Rodriguez, Segundo

WRE-2014-05 (link)

Using public webcam images to improve Energy Efficiency in Lighting Smart Grids

Gutierrez-Fernandez Aaron 

Publisher:  ce3i2 group (Fundacion Universidad de Oviedo)

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Dr Manuel Rico-Secades (link)

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