Paper: WRE-2013-01

Renewable Oceanic Energy: Tidal Energy using a Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)

Authors: Eva Buelga-Llorente (ORCID:  pending), Adrian Prendes-Salas (ORCID:  pending)

Abstract: The project's goal is to look for a bus power supply of 400V DC. We will try to use the energy of the tides which, with the appropriate treatment will allow us to reach that goal. To achieve this, we use a turbine that will rotate depending on the speed of the water and, through a permanent magnet generator (PMG), we will harvest an AC voltage. Then, we will rectify it to generate a DC voltage and, using a Boost converter, we could reach the required 400V, which will go directly to our DC bus.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI): http://dx.doi.org/10.15592/workrooms.2013.0001

Date: July 2013

Issue: 1

Keywords: Renewable Energy, Tidal Energy, Energy Sources.

Language: Spanish

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