Paper: WED-2013-03

Study and Control of a DC Motor for a Line Tracking Robot

Authors: Alejandro Martinez-Alonso (ORCID:  pending), Cristina Gonzalez-Moral (ORCID:  pending)

Abstract: On this Project we proposed to study and control a motor for further uses on a line tracking robot, having by final goal the CRUO’s competition (Robot’s competition in Oviedo’s university). We will also study other aspects apart from the motor, as batteries and how to power them.  


Digital Object Identifier (DOI):

Date: July 2013

Issue: 1

Keywords: DC motor, Stepper motor, Brushed DC, Full Bridge, H bridge, CRUO, flyback, PWM, EPWM, LIPO batteries, driver, heatsink, PCB.

Language: Spanish

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