Paper: WED-2013-02

Three-phase inverter IGBT based for ACIM motor drives

Authors: Alejandro Cortina-Martinez (ORCID:  pending) , Ana Garcia-Fernandez (ORCID:  pending)

Abstract: In this article we try to describe the control of an ACIM engine feed from the grid. To achieve it we have a rectifier, which lets us to storage in a bus the direct current gets from the conversion of alternating current. Then we add a three phase inverter, whose design is the main goal of the project. That device converts DC in the AC which will feed the motor. To reach this purpose it is necessary to choose one way of doing the control of the inverter, we pick out SPWM modulation, and we programmed it using the simulation program PSIM. Finally we have the engine, whose parameters where obtained from a real motor. Looking for more realism we have designed a voltage/ frequency starting control.  Besides there were another aspects to consider, such as the search of real components, it was the reason of doing the simulation, because thanks to that we realized that the three phase inverter module we have chosen was unable to bears the maximum current peak that requires the engine. We also had to consider the possibility of put a heat sink, and at the end we add one in the rectifier and another in the inverter, to avoid the destruction of both devices.     


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Date: July 2013

Issue: 1

Keywords: Three-phase inverter, SPWM modulation, AC Induction Motor Drives

Language: English

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