Paper: WED-2013-01

BLDC Motor Control for e-Bike 

Authors: Aitor Miguel-Blanco (ORCID:  pending), Carlos Moro-García (ORCID:  pending)

Abstract: BLDC motors have gained popularity over the past few years and they are nowadays almost surrounding us. This expansion can be easily explained if we consider that these motors have been developed without the main drawback of common DC motors, the brushes. If we compare the 3 principal motor types, we can realize that BLDC motors have many advantages, such as a flat relation between speed and torque and a high relation output power/size, apart from a low electric noise generation. However, their main drawback is that even for the most simple fixed speed design they need a controller. 

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Date: July 2013

Issue: 1

Keywords: Wind Turbine, Savonius, Stepper Motor.

Language: English

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