Workrooms Journal Nº 5

Date: July 2017

ISSN:  2386-2483

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Cover of issue 5
To green from blue through red (link)


WNA-2017-01 (link)
An approach to ETO tasks: O&M strategies for Power Electronic Systems on board of LNG carriers
Rodriguez-del-Rio, Adrian 

WRE-2017-01 (link)
Improving current equalization in energy storage systems for lighting smart grids applications with the bidirectional one-leg converter
Rico-Secades, Manuel ; Lopez-Corominas, Emilio ; Calleja, Antonio Javier ; Quintana, Pablo José; Garcia-Llera, Daniel 

WRE-2017-02 (link)
Active equalization system based on Flyback converter for the battery modules of the electric vehicle prototype of Formula Student Uniovi team
Alonso-del-Valle, Jorge  

WRE-2017-03 (link)
eWRE Project: PV solar MPPT module using a Flyback converter
Tellez-Gonzalez, Carmen 

WRE-2017-04 (link)
Wind turbine based on a Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG)
Pena-Lopez, Cristian 

WRE-2017-05 (link)
Mechanical Design of a Darrieus Wind Turbine
Martinez-Campos, Alan F. 

WRE-2017-06 (link)
Auto caravan based on renewable energies
Abreu-Reche, Lilie; García-Hernandez, Carlos A 

WRE-2017-07 (link)
Lighting regulation in tunnels through solar energy
Rico-Rivero, Sara; López-Alonso, Sandra; Vila-Suárez, Alba

WRE-2017-08 (link)
Energetic exploitation in motorways
Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Marcos; Fernandez-Menendez, Estefanía; Riesco-Velasco, Javier 

WRE-2017-09 (link)
Self-Sufficient House
Concheso-Silva, Miriam; García-Barrios, Clara

WRE-2017-10 (link)
TERS – Thermoelectric Recovery System
Teran, Aitor; Gregorio, Alvaro 

WRE-2017-11 (link)
Automatization of a garage door
Martínez-Alvarez, Andrea 

WRE-2017-12 (link)
Mountain Passes' Information System based on Renewable Energy
Garnelo-Rodriguez, Miguel, Marrón-González, Jorge

WRE-2017-13 (link)
Ecoshelter powered by 100% renewable solar energy
Álvarez Fernández, Mario; Elías-Viejo, Pablo; Marcos-Casado, Pedro 

WRE-2017-14 (link)
Automatic Guide for Blind Athletes
Castaño-Barrero, Rosana 

WRE-2017-15 (link)
Infrastructure improvements of an orphanage school in Kitale, Kenya
Todeschini-Dinolfo, Mariano Fabián; Vega-Suárez, Alejandro 

WRE-2017-16 (link)
Lighthouse Powered with PV Solar Energy
Bango-Hevia, Angela 

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